Healthful Solutions

About Us

At Healthful Solutions, we will take a full history, discuss current issues, and with you, develop a plan, and set safe, attainable goals for each session. At no time will we perform any work that is contraindicated by our training or your other health care providers.  Massage can be done with you fully clothed, but is best enjoyed undressed and draped under linens with only the body part being worked, exposed.  The lotions and creams that we use work best if you are recently bathed.

HIPPA laws apply to massage therapy.  Your information will remain confidential unless you ask us to disclose information, we are required to by law, or we believe there is emanate danger to yourself or others.

Our therapist are members of AMTA and have passed the NCBTMB National Certification test.  We pride ourselves in having an ethical, education driven practice.